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Berefoot Fengshui

Business Energy Flow

For Businesses premises, architects and interior designers enhance both, the comfort and aesthetics of the working environments. By incorporating the Feng Shui principles in the layout of any business space, we create a stress-free, harmonious and supportive atmosphere making positive influence on staff morale, creativity and team spirit.

The areas that can also be improved relate to productivity, efficiency, innovative new ideas and increased level of motivation. When we pay attention to how and where people sit, the colours, materials and natural light in the space, it will have a significant bearing on the future of that business, potentially making a greater contribution to the realisation of corporate goals than any marketing strategy or operational plan.

Transforming the home with feng shui

The fluctuating energy forces around you affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The balance between your inner and outer energy forces determines your level of happiness. Your home is a link in this process, as it is an extension of you-a third layer after your skin and clothing. Our understanding of this has created a body of knowledge called ‘interior design’, which creates a home that is pleasing, comfortable and practical. However, weaving the principles of Feng Shui into your interior design takes you a step further by creating a home that is serene, supportive and harmonious.

Transforming public places
Feng Shui is the art of channeling the CHI (cosmic energy force) in such a way that it can help you create environments for public places where people feel comfortable, supported and safe. We live in a vibrational world, so how a place feels will deeply affect people’s responses at both conscious and subconscious levels. Bringing feng shui elements into the internal and external design of public buildings can have a noticeable positive impact on the way people react and relate to the space.

Whether they are Schools; Hospitals; Care Homes; Exhibition Halls; Conference Centers; Shopping Complexes, Sports Stadiums, Libraries or Railway Stations, Feng Shui inputs in terms of appropriate flooring, roofing, colours, fabrics, lighting, artworks and healthy plants have proven to lift the energy of the spaces for making people feel happier, calmer and more enthusiastic.